Sunday, October 21, 2012

Things I Want in a Man

Every girl has that "perfect man" list, but I've never created one. I have high expectations, which sounds good, but is actually my downfall in almost all of my relationships and friendships. I tend to have all of these unrealistic expectations that people can never fulfill. However, today I'm making a list of things that I'd like a guy to do for me, while dating and when we're married. Hopefully, they're not unrealistic. I feel like every guy is perfectly capable of doing these things. And, hopefully, my future husband will magically see this list. :)

1. Hold my hand in public.
2. Take care of me when I'm sick.
3. Never, ever yell or curse at me.
4. Always sit close to me.
5. Date me.
6. Have a relaxing bath waiting for me when I get home from work.
7. Kiss me with no further expectations.
8. Buy me jewelry.
9. Clean up after dinner sometimes.
10. Wake me up with breakfast in bed.
11. Brag about me to others in front of me and when I'm not with you.
12. Call me just because you miss me.
13. Kiss my forehead.
          "The real man is the one who can thrill you just by kissing your forehead."
               -Marilyn Monroe
14. Be excited to see me after work or when you haven't seen me in a while.
15. Surprise me with flowers or a little gift just because.
16. Be a gentleman. Hold open doors for me, open my car door for me. I'm a lady.
17. Watch black and white movies with me.
18. Scratch my back or rub my feet.
19. Leave me cute notes to read when you leave for work.
20. Give me details about your day. Vent to me. Tell me everything. I want to know.
21. SURPRISE ME with anything! I love surprises! 
22. Show interest in my friends and spend time with us.
23. Surprise me by doing something you think I would want done (a chore?) before I ask.
24. Plan special date nights for us.
25. Plan a mini-honeymoon, an anniversary trip, or a relaxing vacation for us and surprise me with it a week or a few days (or the day of!) before.
26. Work out with me.
27. Take me on a picnic in the park.
28. If you go on a business trip or any trip without me, write me letters and send me postcards and emails. Bring me back a little gift.
29. Cuddle with me.
          "Love begins at home and is not how much we do...but how much love we put into 
          that action."
               -Mother Teresa
30. Go old school. Write me letters even when you see me all the time. Mail them too, so I can get a surprise when I open my mailbox. Pick me up when we go out on a date. Consider yourself lucky to be with me and treat me like I'm something you cherish.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guilty or Pleasure?

There are things about human beings I can't stand. I know, join the club, right? I can't stand cliques (but then I thought do we have cliques because everyone else does? Isn't it really just a circle- we stick with people who want someone to stick with?). I hate crowds. And mean girls. And frat boys. And when people interrupt when I'm talking. When people only talk about themselves. When people cut me off when I'm driving. People. Ugh. But it got me thinking, there are things about me that need working on, too. Everyone has vices. But, I thought, some vices are ok to have (like eating my weight in cookie dough when I'm upset). So, I'm going to call them "guilty pleasures." The only problem is.. what is the difference? What things do I need to do away with and which ones are ok to keep? Thus, this blog post. I'm listing the issues, and labeling them vices or guilty pleasures. Bam.

1. Eating my weight in cookie dough when I'm upset: Guilty Pleasure- as long as I'm not upset for two weeks straight.. which happens sometimes. Friends, take the dough out of my hands!!
2. Crying when I get overwhelmed: Vice- this is a chain reaction..I get stressed, then cry, and then run for the cookie dough. Fail.
3. Listening to country music when I'm feeling lonely: Guilty Pleasure- mostly, because I secretly don't want to give this up.. Also, Hunter Hayes' song "Wanted" makes me melt. That's all.
4. Eat something sweet after everything else I eat. Without fail. : Vice- I can hear the fat accumulating.
5. Isolating myself when people get on my nerves: Guilty Pleasure- people drive me crazy. Me time is totally deserved..right?
6. Not letting people in because...wait why? : Vice- I don't like "new" people and so I don't open up easily.. or even difficultly. Ha. I give a minimum two years before I trust. This needs to change. Or so I've heard. 
7. Watching Katy Perry music videos: Guilty Pleasure for sure- that's my lady!
8. Saying things I don't mean when I'm mad: Vice- bad, bad, bad..
9. Never telling anyone I'm upset..and then blowing up one day from the pressure: Vice- I know this isn't good.. but people can't handle the truth. 
10. Taking obnoxious pictures all the time of my friends: Guilty Pleasure- hey, I know it drives them crazy, but who else can I take pictures of? 

I just ate lunch.. and now I want something sweet. Maybe one last time won't hurt... ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Junior Year

Well, guess who has two thumbs and is back for her Junior year at MC?

This girl!

I've only been back for a week..and I'm already tired of school. Ha. Oh well.
My birthday is in 5 days. I'll be 20 years old, no longer a teenager. I've been thinking a lot about how I'm getting older and, one day, I won't be able to do all the things I'm able to do now. Recently, some things in my life have drastically changed. The things I thought I knew for certain were pulled out from under me. This is just a part of life, I know, but I've made a bucket list.. a bucket list for my Junior year of college. I want to live while I can. Here goes. 

1. Find a craft on Pinterest and duplicate it.
2. Go dancing!
3. Sing karaoke.
4. Cook an entire meal from scratch.
5. Leave a note for a stranger.
6. Take a picture with a stranger.
7. Actually go to the library...and check out a book.
8. Flirt.
9. Paint.
10. Go 24 hours without electronics.
11. Let someone take a photo shoot of you...just you.
12. Go to a spa.
13. Wear fake eyelashes.
14. Go a day without communicating (AT ALL) with any boys.
15. Hang out with a guy friend.
16. Have a girls night,
17. Get your makeup done by someone.
18. Lose a pant size.
19. Spend an entire day with my mom and grandmother.
20. Photograph my childhood home.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dream Journal

So, you already know I have pretty cool friends. And we love to craft. A few weeks ago, Katherine, Olivia, and I made our very own Dream Journals. They are so much fun and I highly recommend you make your own. Here's how. 
Supplies you will need:
   -Construction paper
   -Modge Podge 
   -Craft or scrapbook paper
   -Pens and markers, possibly stickers
   -A glue gun 
   -A hole punch
   -3 rings to hold your journal together
   -creativity :)
Get your craft on! Look up ideas for journal writing or journal prompts online or just steal some of mine. Write these (one per page) on your construction paper. For example, one of mine says "If you could only take 3 people with you on a road trip around the world, who would you take and why?" Leave the rest of the page to decorate. For example, a sticker of a Route 66 sign would be appropriate for decorating. Add your own flairs to each page. Modge Podge is easier and less messy than regular glue or tape and it doesn't come off easily. Also, we Modge Podged cardstock to the first and last pages to make them a little bit thicker. The glue gun can be used to attach buttons or sequins as decor to pages. Hole punch your papers once you are done and attach them with rings. Then get ready for fun and answer all your questions by writing and drawing. The result will be your very own masterpiece! Mine looks like:

This is the inside cover:

Now, for the fun part:
The prompt was: "List the friends you remember from the various stages of your life: grade school, junior high, high school, and college."

Happy journaling! :)

My prompt was "Make a collage of things you want for your dream house." So much fun! I went through a ton of my mom's old magazines and cut and pasted things I liked onto the page! 

My prompt today was "Make a list of ABC's to describe yourself."

So, I know I haven't blogged in a while (sorry, Kat) and it has been even longer since I updated this post. I've had my dream journal for what seems like AGES and I've almost completed all of the prompts. The last entry I accomplished was this one:
And it was super fun. I made a cheesy valentine (even though it's more than a month early for Valentine's Day- oh well) for Josh (he loved it by the way!). Here's what it looked like:
It didn't help that I watched Les Mis the night before, so naturally, I was a bundle of emotions when I created the Valentine. Thus, my favorite quote from Les Mis!
Tender, right? 
And, of course, like all 3rd graders do, I decorated the envelope with sticker hearts.
Here's to love, ya'll.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creative (and cheap!) Date Ideas

So, I've compiled a list of unique and cheap (some are free!) date ideas! Some of them I've already done, but I'm determined to try them all. :)
1. Visit an art gallery. 
2. Find out where you can best see the sunrise from where you live. Watch it together.
3. Sit in the park with coffee/ hot chocolate/ sno cones and make up stories about all the people who walk past you.
4. Go camping- sleep under the stars.
5. Supercook. This website lets you enter in the ingredients you already have in your pantry and gives you a recipe that uses those ingredients! Click here to visit now!
6. Wash the car. 
7. Blindfold your date and take them on a mystery date they have never been to before.
8. Make your own kite and fly it.
9. Bury a time capsule.
10. Spend the entire day together, doing things artsy or outdoors. Fix breakfast, visit yard sales, flea markets, a zoo,  and go to museums and galleries. Walk hand in hand in the nearest downtown area and go to parks. Read books and lay in the grass. Pre-pack a picnic lunch (with the blanket and everything!) and eat on the grass. Take walks and pick flowers. Have him fix you a romantic dinner. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things I want in my marriage

1. Every week day, after work, we will turn off the TV, computer, and put away cell phones and just talk to each other about our day and what's on our minds.
2. Have sex at least once a week, even when we're old or busy. But more than that is totally acceptable, too! ;)
3. Go on dates at least once a week. Even after we have kids, a date night is a must. Dinner, a movie, a walk in the park, anything will do (stay tuned for unique date ideas)!
4. I want to have a treadmill somewhere in our apartment or house, so even when we're busy and have kids, we can still be healthy and make an effort to look good and feel good for each other.
5. Split up household chores. I don't want to be the one doing all the work, especially if I work full time. I will do the laundry (I actually love to do laundry! Ha!) and Josh can do yard work (mowing the lawn if we have one), but the rest we should split up.
6. I only want to go out to eat or order in once a week. This will save money and keep us healthier. This one time a week may be our date night a lot of nights. I think we should make most meals at home because it also is more intimate and a good time for family bonding.
7. I want our kids to be healthy, too. When they're young, we should get them involved in sports and other activities. Also, junk food should be limited and so should time spent on the TV and computer.
8. If we have a girl, I want Josh to have a special relationship with her. A girl's relationship with her dad shapes much of her future. I want him to spoil her and do fun things with her. At least once a month, he should take her out for a father-daughter date. He should be her very first valentine, and give her flowers and/or chocolate (while she's young, maybe a cutesy teddy bear) every year for Valentine's Day. I also think it'd be cool if, every year for her birthday, starting with her 1st, if he gave her a rose.
9. Family vacations should happen, too. The first few years of our marriage will be rocky, so we may not be able to start taking trips until later. I want our kids to, at some point, be able to experience the classics with us like Disney World and Universal Studios, the beach, the mountains, the Grand Canyon, and even a whole other country.
10. As far as finances go, I'd like to save a portion of each of our paychecks when we get them and, when we have kids, to start college funds.